Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a webbased solution designed for visual project management and real-time collaboration.

Kanban Tool is a webbased solution designed for visual project management & real-time collaboration. Now with Time Tracking!

Kanban Tool combines simplicity of use and complexity of usefulness. Kanban Tool is an intuitive solution used for visual project management and process work flow management with seamless time tracking and time reports. It allows to visualize workflow, manage tasks and projects with online Kanban boards and cards.

Kanban Tool is a application with support for real-time collaboration that allows teams to increase communication and boost productivity by sharing tasks, information and comments. Users can receive email notifications for task assignments and comments and can add tasks and comments via email. Account owners can set different access privileges for stakeholders, customers and team members.

The application provides now seamless time tracking! Why seamless? There are no extra steps required to start your timers! Simply drag a task to your working column and the timer will start itself. Tracking time has never been easier! Wondering what your team is doing? With useful and insightful time reports, you always know how much time your team spends on any activity.

Additionally, Kanban Tool offers many useful integrations and this list is growing. Try out : “Add task button” and "Kanbanira" Chrome extensions, Zapier integration, possibility to export tasks to Excel/ CSV or import tasks from Excel/CSV, export tasks to Outlook or Google Calendar. It can be integrated with external systems via API.

Kanban Tool has a unique design resembling a real whiteboard with sticky notes. Its drag&drop interface is intuitive, extremely easy to learn and use. Kanban Tool allows fully customize Kanban card template and board layout by adding columns and swimlanes. This application provides insightful analytics with the ability to extract from charts detailed information on dates, task priorities and types. Results are presented on breakdown chart and cumulative flow diagram.

Kanban Tool is perfect for individuals, teams and any type of organizations that want to benefit from workflow visualization. Thanks to its rich customization features Kanban Tool can be successfully implemented in nearly every business.

Kanban Tool

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— User reviews — about Kanban Tool

  • IanRichard

    by IanRichard

    "such a perfect app for project management"

    With this tool project organization and task distribution is much easier. It allows all the members work and see the wor... More.

    reviewed on March 10, 2017

  • Jessie Patton - Brook

    by Jessie Patton - Brook

    "Easy and functional tool"

    Very usefull tool, can be used by everyone, even if you are new with this type of software. Big + is that you don't have... More.

    reviewed on December 15, 2016

  • Kate19

    by Kate19

    "It's the best!"

    As for the program Kanban Tool , I see only positives same ! I would recommend to anyone who needs a reliable tool for t... More.

    reviewed on August 31, 2016

  • angelaferency

    by angelaferency

    "I recommend it."

    Lots of integrations, time tracking, easy interface, customizable... a perfect tool for project management. More.

    reviewed on June 3, 2016

  • Anna Bilny

    by Anna Bilny

    "You will like it"

    Very nice tool! Recommended especially for working time tracking. More.

    reviewed on February 28, 2016

  • alissahackett

    by alissahackett

    "most helpful kanban I ever used"

    Love the time tracking, helping me to control my employees work time without stalking them ;). More.

    reviewed on November 7, 2015